Welcome to the [Studio]


Hi & Welcome to the [Studio].

I'm a digital artist based in Los Angeles, CA, also known for my house music producer/DJ alias, miƶu.

All of the products on this store are created or designed by me (unless noted otherwise). I made this store as an outlet to combine what I love most -- electronic music, music festivals, clothing, life experiences, and most importantly, high quality products at a reasonable cost.  

I strive to create high quality products and to provide a premium level of apparel experience for you.  As a fan and consumer of brands that sell elevated streetwear, I've personally felt and touched all the different tiers of fabric to bring the most highest experience of fabric choices, while keeping the costs reasonable.   The blanks, print style, embroidery, are all decisions that I make with the intention that I will personally wear it on rotation on a weekly basis.  

Here are some cool people I had the pleasure of working with:Ken client list JVNA MitiS Pokimane Riot Games Superman Illenium

If you would like to collaborate with me on any creative projects, please feel free to send me an email or message me in the DMs.  

After nearly a decade of working in the ecommerce/fashion/electronic music industry as Brand & Creative Director from 2018-2020, it was time for me to shift my focus my time to start my own creative entity known as IKendoit.Studio.

Please fill out the contact form on my main website (ikendoit.studio) or directly message here for inquiries & rates.